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The Not-So-Eloquent Ramblings of Ariella Pink

Ariella Pink
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there aren't enough words to describe the mystifying and paradoxical method to my madness...
absurdity, alliteration, angel: the series, arrested development, autumn, badly drawn boy, balance, blondie, bowery ballroom, breaking laces, bright eyes, buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, caramel, cary grant, champagne & strawberries, concerts, confucianism, cooking, corsets, cowboy bebop, cream, cynicism, damien rice, dancing, daria, david lynch, dead like me, death cab for cutie, debbie harry, disaffected youth, discussion, donnie darko, drinking, driving, elastica, elliot smith, eminem, escapism, ethan hawke, everything zen, existential crises, existentialism, firefly, fritz lang, garden state, general hospital, generation x, generation y, good food, graphic design, guilty pleasures, hegel, hume, hunter s. thompson, ice skating, idealism, insomnia, irony, jazz, jeremy enigk, jon stewart, josh hamilton, joss whedon, kevin smith, kung fu, kurt vonnegut, leather pants, lingerie, lost, lost in translation, love, lucid dreaming, making up words, mix cds, mountain dew, movies, muse, music, musicians, new york city, nina simone, noah baumbach, nostalgia, paradox, paul thomas anderson, perfect dark, philosophers, philosophy, photography, physics, pi, playing pool, poetry, pop culture, procrastinating, pubs, pulp, quarter-life crisis, radiohead, rain, reading, reality bites, relativism, richard linklater, rilo kiley, road trips, robbers on high street, sarcasm, scrubs, self-awareness, sex, shirley manson, simon & garfunkel, sinatra, six feet under, skepticism, slackers, sleeping, smoking, snowstorms, spirals, stellastarr*, subconscious, sunny days, surrealism, sushi, taoism, the 4400, the arcade fire, the beatles, the daily show, the dears, the faint, the prisoner, the royal tenenbaums, the shins, thinking, throwing parties, tortured artists, truth, twin peaks, vassar, waking life, web design, wes anderson, witty wordplay, wonderfalls, writing